Chris Arvan is a guitarist, producer, composer, and mixer.

With an eclectic background, skill as a multi-instrumentalist, and mastery of studio technology, a portrait emerges of an artist for whom anything is possible.

Music from the future past, made purely for the love of the craft.

All instruments performed, all production and engineering from inception to mix and master by Chris Arvan.

  1. Nature Always Wins Chris Arvan 2:49
  2. One Minute To Midnight Chris Arvan 2:48
  3. Creative Destroyer Chris Arvan 2:13
  4. The Beauty Of Failure Chris Arvan 3:20
  5. Aethereal Chris Arvan 1:51
  6. Moonfaze Chris Arvan 1:42
  7. Escultura Monumental Chris Arvan 5:09
  8. A Lifetime In A Moment Chris Arvan 3:51
  9. The Departure Chris Arvan 1:41
  10. Cloud Piece Chris Arvan 1:48